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Request A Free Market Analysis of Your Home

The best way for you to realize your real estate goals is to Contact Us so that we can discuss your housing needs.  The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has determined that people who begin their search for real estate services using the Internet are more serious and are more likely to act on their inquiries than those who make blind calls to Real Estate Agents as part of a "fishing expedition" to try and find a home. We specialize in working with people just like you!

When you contact DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services about selling your home, we will gladly perform a FREE market analysis of your property.  This will give you a range for the market value based on the comparable sales and other pertinent information for your property.  Even if you aren't interested in selling now, we can provide a market analysis for you and then update it periodically so you will always "have your finger" on the market for your home.

We will not share any of this information with anyone without your prior authorization, and certainly won't sell it to anyone.  The more information we receive from you, though, the easier it is for us to help you.  Once you receive your market analysis, you can do with it whatever you wish.  Naturally, if you are serious about selling your property, we would be glad to discuss the process with you.  You can also review information about the properties that we have listed since DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services became a full-service real estate brokerage firm on September 22, 2013.

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Here's what We need to do the Market Analysis (Provide as much as possible)

The best way to do this is by e-mail to ... (you can cut and paste the information below
and then enter your answers) ... but a phone call or text message will also work to get started.

  • Your Full Name

  • Your E-Mail Address

  • The property Address (We will verify ownership of the property prior to doing the analysis)

  • The Subdivision Name

  • The Type of Property

  • Style of Home

  • Year Built

  • Number of Bedrooms

  • Number of Bathrooms

  • Approximate Lot Size

  • Approximate Gross Living Area (Do not include the basement)

  • Heating and Cooling Type

  • Water and Sewer Type (Public, Well, Septic, etc.)

  • Water Orientation (Waterfront, Water View, Water Access and the body of water)

  • Parking (Garage, Carport, etc.)

  • Overall Condition

  • When you plan on selling

  • Is the Property Currently Listed

  • Any additional information

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It is our policy to respond to every inquiry received within 24 hours when someone contacts us by e-mail, text or phone.  There will be times, though, when we won't be able to respond as quickly.  In those instances, it may take a little bit longer, and we certainly appreciate your patience in those instances.

There is never any cost or obligation on your part for contacting us with your questions.  If we are going to work together on what is probably the biggest transaction of your life, we need to be ABLE to work together.  In the current market environment where we are facing a severe shortage of inventory, it is likely that the home will sell quickly ... as long as it is priced right and shows well.

Building this relationship is the first step so that we know that you are serious about a real estate transaction and you know that you can trust us to handle it successfully for you.  Always remember, too, that everything that you tell us about your situation will remain completely confidential.

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