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DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services

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Real Estate Careers with
DMS Properties, LLC
Residential Real Estate Services

DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services is registered with the Maryland Real Estate Commission as a real estate brokerage firm, which means that we provide full-service residential real estate services (seller representation, buyer represenation, landlord and tenant services) for all properties located in the State of Maryland.

We also have a large Property Management division handling real estate investments for a variety of homeowners who have invested in rental real estate for many different reasons. Our agents are well-versed in investment real estate, so we can help people build wealth through purchasing income-producing residential real estate. We also OWN investment real estate.


Obviously, there are many different types of real estate brokerage companies in Maryland ... very large companies with multiple offices and sometimes hundreds of agents, smaller companies with one or two offices and less agents, each with their own business models and fee/commission structures. Not ever company is a good fit for every agent. We have seen many agents who are struggling and who may decide to not retain their license because the expenses of being in business are not being offset by the commission income.

There are some interesting statistics about our industry and the agents who hold licenses and the income that they earn, according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Here are some quick numbers:

2013 1.04 million licensed agents $37,200 average Gross Commission Income
2014 1.10 million licensed agents $36,500 average Gross Commission Income
2015 1.17 million licensed agents $29,560 average Gross Commission Income
2016 1.23 million licensed agents not yet available

What this is showing is that the trend in the number of agents holding licenses is increasing, but the Gross Commission Income (GCL) is declining. The average real estate agent in the United States in 2015 earned gross commissions of approximately $29,560 ... that's before the split with their Broker, before taxes and before expenses! Regardless whether an agent makes $29,560 in GCL or $150,000 in GCL, their fixed expenses are the same!

Those fixed expenses include, but are not necessarily limited to:

1. MLS Quarterly Dues (currently about $165 per quarter)
2. Association (NAR, etc.) Annual Dues (roughly $700 per year)
3. E&O Insurance (sometimes varies by company)
4. Business Cards (Approximately $100)
5. Gas and other car expenses per month (varies by person)
6. Cell Phone and Data per month (varies based on plan)
7. Postage (although many agents don't pay postage for marketing)
8. Marketing (although many agents don't pay for marketing)
9. Continuing Education (required for license renewal)

The numbers get even more depressing when you consider that the average agent who has been in the business for less than 2 years has GCI of $8,500, according to NAR ... and the turnover rate for agents in business less than a year is 80%.

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DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services is looking for real estate agents to join our team if they are interested in developing a real esate career and ultimately investing in real estate. On February 1, 2017, we moved into our new office space at 3200 Crain Highway, Suite 305, Waldorf, MD 20603. We now have sufficient space for additional agents to work. As our company continues to grow and evolve, we want to develop new "talent" in the real estate industry, but will will also consider partnering with "seasoned" agents. We are beginning our recruiting program, mostly by reaching out to agents who may be on the verge of "giving up" on real estate.

Typically, it takes about five years for a new agent to "get established" and have a viable real estate career. There are many reasons why a real estate agent, especially within the first three to four years, might not get as much out of the business as they could.

According to another NAR survey, the area where new agents seem to struggle most is lead generation ... 47 percent of the agents who responded said that including lead generation in initial training is critical, and 37.55 percent said that lead generation was the most important area to work on during ongoing training.

In addition to this, 77.39 percent of the respondents said that new agents fail at least in part because they are unprepared for the realities of working as an independent contractor ... their Brokers and managers don't teach them how to run a business! The best thing a new agent can do is find an excellent and generous agent mentor or coach to whom they should make themselves indispensable.

There are three areas where companies differ (other than number of offices, number of agents, and areas of service) ... those are:

1. The company's agent expense structure;
2. The company's agent compensation structures(the split); and
3. The company' agent training (specifically when it comes of lead generation and on business management).

This is where we believe we are different and can be helpful to new and/or struggling agents. Read about

1. Our Agent Split Calculation philosophy for our agents;

2. Typical Real Esate Start-Up Expenses Real Estate Start-Up expenses with us;

3. Agent Training and Marketing Breakdown Training and Marketing Breakdown by County

We will continue to add more information, specifically about our training and agent development (in addition to the required Continuing Education (CE) that all real estate agents must complete to retain their license. Our goal is to help our agents succeed so that our company can also grow.

If you are contemplating a career in real estate ... or if you are already an agent but don't feel like you fit in your current company, you can Contact us today for more information. Dale M. Servetnick , Principal Broker for DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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