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Our Property Management and
Rental Home Document Library!

Below you will find many of the documents that we use for property rental transactions and for property management. They are all legally-binding contract documents that were written and approved by either the Maryland Real Estate Commission, the Maryland Association of Realtors or one of the local real estate Boards or Associations.

Understanding Whom Real Estate Agents Represent ... also referred to as the "agency" disclosure is required to be signed by any buyer, seller, landlord or tenant who is using a REALTOR to assist in a transaction, but is "unrepresented" during the transaction. It explains the roles of the various in the transaction. Beginning on October 1, 2016, if there is a buyer/tenant representation agreement or rental listing agreement in place, then the parties are represented and this form is not needed

Consent For Dual Agency is a disclosure form wherein the parties to the transaction acknowledge that the same Real Estate Brokerage Company (through two different real estate agents) is representing both the buyer and seller or landlord and tenant in a single transactrion. All of our sellers and homeowners sign this form to allow us to adequately market their property. Any potential buyer or tenant who wishes for us to show them one of our listings MUST SIGN THIS DISCLOSURE BEFORE WE CAN SHOW THE PROPERTY.

Rental Listing Agreement, which we sometimes refer to as our tenant placement service agreement, authorizes DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services to market a property for rent. There is also an HTML Version.

Section 8 Election formis used by aproperty owner who wishes to opt out of the Section 8 Rent Subsidy Program. You can learn more about that at the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Owners of properties located in Montgomery County and Howard County CANNOT opt out of the due to local Fair Housing Laws. We'll be adding information about the Fair Housing Laws that are specific to each County. If you own a property that you'd like to get qualified for the Program, let us know and we'll help you with that process, too.

Lock Box Authorization is used when a homeowner authorizes us to place a lock box on the property so that it can be shown to potential tenants or to allow access by contractors who are making repairs.

Lead-Based Paint disclosures and information about the Federal requirements and the Maryland laws regarding rental properties and lead-based paint in the home. If your property was built AFTER January 1, 1978, the property does not have potential liability for issues involving lead-based paint. If the home was built BEFORE 1978, thought, it must be tested. We are working on developing a section on Maryland Lead-Based Paint Certification. based on the new 2015 law.

Property Management Agreement outlines the services that DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services will provide to landlords and tenants, along with the duties and responsibilities of the property owner. You can also view an HTML Version.

Rental Application that we use to process the applications for porential tenants at your properties. DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services will manage your property regardless of how you find the tenants or what Real Estate Brokerage Company lists the property to find the tenant.

Residential Management Information Sheet is a form that you complete that tells us everything you know about the home. We use this information as part of the tenant move-in and move-out inspection process.

Deed of Lease for Maryland is signed by both the owners of the property and the tenants; it provides all of the terms and conditions of the rental and is what we use if we need to go to District Court for a Failure to Pay Rent Hearing. o that both potential landlords and tenants can see the provisions. This Lease complies with Maryland law. If you wish to have provisions added or subtracted, we can certainly discuss that ... as long as the changes conform to Maryland law. You can also review the HTML Version.

Property Condition Report, which we will complete at the beginning of the lease term. This is used to evaluate the condition of the property at the end of the lease term for distribution of the security deposit.

Authorized Agreement for Automatic Deposits (ACH Credits) for handling the rent payments and distributions to the property owners. This document, along with a voided check from your bank account, is required to set up the direct deposit system for collecting and distributing your rent payments and receipts. Most of our landlords now have their rent proceeds sent to them by electronic funds transfers.

Landlord's Moving-Out Check List. This tells you what you need to do when vacating the property and preparing it for a tenant.

Owner's Statement that we send out each month so taht our homeowners can track their rental income and expenses

Business Directory, where we tell you about the contractors and businesses that we believe will do a great job for you!

Return On Investment excel spreadsheet that will help you calculate the potential ROI for purchasing a property ... this isn't only a valuable tool for rental properties!! We can explain why. We also have other tools to help with this through our affiliation with OwnAmerica.

We hope that you find all of this information helpful ... and believe that the entire process goes more smoothly if you have the information that you need as quickly as possible. We look forward to working with you!! 

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