DMS Properties, LLC
Residential Property Management
Post Office Box 2051, Waldorf, MD 20604

Mobile Office: 301-751-2932 or 301-751-3929

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FAQ -- Do You Manage
Properties in Virginia and
the District of Columbia?

No, we do not. DMS Properties LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services is strictly a Maryland real estate brokerage company. We realized that dealing with multiple jurisdictions creates much more potential for problems. This is because every jurisdiction has its own unique laws. We are very familiar with the landlord-tenant and real estate laws in Maryland. It is also necessary for us to know the laws regarding landlords, tenants and rental properties in each of the Counties in which we work.

Because Dale Servetnick is also a client of Buffini & Company, a real estate business coaching company that provides valuable assistance, we may still be able to help you.

He has access to an extensive referral network of other Real Estate Agents in Virginia, the District of Columbia and all other States. If you are looking for a
Real Estate Agent anywhere in the United States, he might be able to help you
find a good one!

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