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DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services

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FAQ -- How Will You
Make Sure that My Property
is Cared for by the Tenants?

Whenever a tenant prepares to move into one of our properties, we take photographs of the entire property so that we have a digital record of the condition at the beginning of their lease.

We ask the tenants to provide us with a completed Property Condition Report that provides us with information about things they noted (normally these are relatively minor "imperfections" in the home) that they don't want to be charged for at the end of their lease.

We also perform quarterly inspections of the property and stay in contact with the tenants throughout the year. In the event maintenance is needed at the home, we sometimes accompany our contractors and perform an inspection ourselves ... sometimes our contractors will perform the inspection for us.

We always encourage the tenants to let us know if something needs attention in your home, regardless of how minor it may be. It's much better for them to communicate this to us so we can make minor repairs than have everything put off until the end of the lease.

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