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DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services

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FAQ -- Will You Handle
Going to Court to Collect
Rent and Evict Tenants?

Yes, we will represent our homeowners in Court. Unfortunately we have been to District Court for landlord-tenant issues many times during our years as Property Managers. We have filed Failure to Pay Rent suits against tenants on 10 different occasions, covering 4 of the 43 properties we now manage.

As of March 1, 2014, we have also had to evict two tenants for non-payment of rent. We have also made arrangements with three others to voluntarily move out of the properties ... with the owner's advice and consent. Sometimes it is better to "cut your losses" and start over again when the situation with a tenant deteriorates. Unfortunately, there are always tenants that are in danger of eviction because of economic conditions, a job loss, illness, divorce, etc.

Dale has also handled three evictions from REO properties. Evictions are done by filing the Warrant of Restitution, also in District Court. Once signed by the Judge, this is what the Sheriff will use to do the eviction. We also attend the eviction along with the Sheriff and assemble a crew to remove any belongings that remain in the home. We will be happy to discuss this process and the associated costs with you in greater detail.

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