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FAQ -- Can You Help Me Stop
a Foreclosure of My Home?

No REALTOR can stop a foreclosure of a home, and there are very strict guidelines put out by the State of Maryland, the Maryland Real Estate Commission (MREC) and the Federal Government about the way people, including REALTORS, can discuss foreclosures and short sales with homeowners. Before you speak with anyone about your situation, make certain that they are not charging you!

The only real way of stopping a foreclosure is to make the account current and then continue paying down the principal balance. Unfortunately, with the bad mortgage loans that were made by many lenders in the past, that isn't always possible. There are many other circumstances (Death, Divorce, Job Transfer, to name a few) that can adversely impact a homeowners' ability to keep their home.

If it isn't possible to make the payments on the mortgage in its current form, though, homeowners may be able to work out a loan modification with their lender(s). In a loan modification, the terms of the loan (interest rate, payment amounts, etc.) may be changed to make it so the borrower can keep their home and manage the payments.

If a loan modification isn't possible, the next thing that a homeowner can consider is a "deed in lieu" ... this is where the lender actually takes back the deed from the homeowner. The lender then takes ownership and possession of the home and cancels the debt.

The only other option that may be available to homeowners who are facing a foreclosure is selling their home, usually through a short sale. This is where the property is sold for less than the outstanding mortgage value and the bank agrees to accept that price.

The Real Estate Agents at DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services have handled many foreclosure (Bank-Owned or REO) properties and many short sales. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your specific situation ... each one is different. You will NEVER be asked by us to pay anything for our services or for our advice!

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