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FAQ -- How Many Real Estate
Agents and Property
Managers Will You Hire?

At DMS Properties, LLC ... Residential Real Estate Services, it is our business plan as of September 22, 2013 to have up to 3 licensed real estate agents to work in each Maryland County where we operate. Obviously, an agent can work in as many counties as they like, so there could be some overlap.

The key to a real estate agent being successful is to determine their market area and the type of clients they wish to serve ... some agents want to represent buyers, while others want to list properties ... some agents will concentrate more on rentals. We have a growing inventory of homes and land for sale, and we would like to hire agents who will bring us buyers for those properties.

As we have determined by the inventory of homes we manage, a licensed real estate agent can make a good income managing rental properties. We believe that a single property manager can effectively manage up to about 25 homes for landlords. When one our agents brings us a new property management client, they will be solely responsible for the management of that property.

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